Be yourself – Villa Borghese Rome

Authenticity is the most sublime form of love that you can offer to yourself. Accepting your aspirations, your perspective, and your calling is literally one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

It’s not easy being original, setting new trends, and not following the crowd. When everybody is going in the same direction and you instead decide to stop, decide to not follow them and proceed in the opposite direction. This is true courage. It’s in these moments of stopping and reflecting, that you truly find yourself and your calling.

Allow yourself to step out of the boat of your comfort zone.

I found plenty of authenticity at Villa Borghese, in Rome. This place seems to be from another world. Its wild nature, evergreen trees, and ancient monuments render this park into an oasis of freedom and authenticity.

Villa Borghese is one of the largest parks of Rome, if not the largest one. The feeling that you get by exploring calmly its paths is that of an organised and classy jungle. You can literally lost and find your yourself in a couple of minutes.

Here, you can learn the mystery of authenticity. This organised and vintage jungle can teach you that you can actually be both of these dimensions: wild and classy at the same time.

It’s time to be wild. It’s time to let go of people’s exceptions. It’s time to live life at its fullest potential. Take example from Villa Borghese! This world is ours!

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Landscapes – Lost in the Jazzy Wildness

by Lorin Braticevici

Find yourself and let those fears fade away. You are more than your past storms, you can do more that the world tells you can do.

Just grab that indie backpack put inside of it a new notebook and let the world’s lovely landscapes change you from within.

There’s so much for you to see. The soil is waiting for your dancing footprints. The skies are colouring themselves in pink and golden colours for you to come and take them pics.

Exotic wildness will set you free and will take you far away.

Close your eyes and let the magical landscapes take your hand in the moment you want for yourself. This is the time for you to feel the force of love, the freedom of adventure and the abundant life.

All the things that you need are being made real in the middle of the unexplored, raw and dreamy places of this world.

Lost in wonder, head in the clouds, there’s no turning back to your old negative self.

Rome – My Heart Starting To Beat

by Lorin Braticevici

“Adventure awaits for you to answer. Its whispering calling makes the heart start beating. Let your control go. Answer to your heart’s saving call.”

I had these sayings in my spirit since I was I kid. Since then I knew I had the mission to bring the world to life through my visions. For all my life I had to say “no” to my dreams because I thought they were so childish and unreachable.

But in Rome my heart came back to life. In this picturesque city, I had an Eureka moment that made me quit my daily job and made me pursue my infantile ambitions.

In Rome I did as Romans do: I gave myself to the excellence of the unknown and to the finding of my destiny.

Rome’s historical buildings, its inspiring architecture, and its nature transformed me into a photographer. I felt this constant need of taking gorgeous pictures and looking for the hidden details of this Italian urban place. This new passion for photography brought me to want to be a travel guide. Guiding people into Rome’ soul, and through its secret paths was such a desirable bliss.

Rome has this power: it becomes your friend, makes your heart come to life and doesn’t let your childish dreams die. It is that kind of loyal friend that renders your countenance glowing and serene.

Rome ignates your most hidden emotions, those that you didn’t know about.

In this new decade become your most authentic self, while getting lost in the romance of this Italian fairytale story.

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Walking on the Streets of Rome – Live a Different Life

by Lorin Braticevici

It’s like a careless dance, where fears are ignored, and joy becomes so real. It’s like jumping from a cliff, right into the deep warm waters. This is the kind of feeling I want to experience each day of my life.

Life is short, and it’s so easy to surrender to a predictable lifestyle. But where’s the fun in that? I genuinely believe that life should be a passionate and “exotic” journey.

We can be more that what we are, we can have more that we already have, and we can do more, that what we are currently doing.

I believe jobs should be a representation of our exciting hobbies, not a 9-5 routine. This fascinating world is ours to discover.

Rome is the symbol of life. Varied, exciting and tireless. Walking on the streets of Rome, will transform you into a wanderer. The architecture of its emblematic buildings, those evergreen tall trees, the Mediterranean breeze, and all those vivid colours make Rome a perfect exotic journey.

I lived in Rome for 12 years and I had this incredible chance to consider Rome as my homeland. Rome offers some stunning visual never-ending sensations. It’s like a rich museum en plain air.

Rome has the potential to wake-up your inner need to know and see more. Bring your soul to life on the perennial music of this eternal Italian city.

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The Rhythm of Venice Shores – My passion for Waters

by Lorin Braticevici

Let the music give you angelic wings, let those sounds eliminate each negative thought. Peace of mind is crucial in order to experience a full and abundant life.

Likewise music, wondering on the shores of Venice, will transport you to the most warm and kind version of yourself. Those calm blue waves, their movement, their sounds. It’s like having an enchanting piece of Heaven.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am deeply in love with the sea, the waves, the beaches, the shores and everything related to water. I get such a satisfying emotion, such an overwhelming feeling every time I stay near this blue and sandy places.

One of the finest pleasures is for me to swim calmly in the water, while closing my eyes and feeling the water caresses my skin. I love to just lay in the water, imagining being surrounded by the big hug of God, and letting all the anxiety unstick from my soul.

Unfortunetely I couldn’t swim in the Venice’s sea, because of the winter weather. Brrr, it was so cold! Nevertheless, I found a lot of delight, just starring at the waves. Such a timeless moment. Minutes that felt so alive!

One of my biggest aims is life is to live on the shore, on some tropical island, and owning an entire portion of beach. I want to wake up, with my future kids and my lovely wife, watching the sea or the ocean, hearing the wind touching the palms, and walking on white-brown sand every morning.

Sunsets in Venice – Where Time Stops

by Lorin Braticevici

Imagine being surrounded by marvelous sea waves, the ones of Adriatic sea, those blue and cheerful irregular waves. And yet walking on earth, and yet being immersed into a fairytale Italian cityscape. This is Venice in a nutshell.

This full feeling that you are getting in this out-of-this-world island is something to go for.

Vintage atmosphere, classy Italian buildings, blue water everywhere. Awww, be sure to make Venice one of your absolute pinned trips.

I travelled to these ancient lands with my wife back in December of 2019. We’ve decided to see this city precisely in the middle of winter, and right before Christmas. This decision was a very good one and I’m having no regrets.

Christmas decorations and joyful atmosphere at every corner made everything sound and sweet. We sincerely recommend experience Venice right before Christmas.

This amazing Italian city is a dream come true. Memories that last forever, sunsets that will bring peace and serenity to minds.

Sunsets in Venice, seem cropped from some fantasy movies; they make vivid scenarios come to life. Here time stops, future becomes bright, and everything makes sense again.

You should surely take some time to come and see this playful island.

We enjoyed so much the tonality of the water, the colours of the sky and the serene vibe that was reigning in Venice. I truly believe that a trip like this one can make you find balance and peace of mind again.

As a photographer, I couldn’t stop myself from taking loads of idyllic pictures. Here, on Instagram, are some of them. Bring Venice vibe into your world and let anxiety go away.