Top 10 Things to Do at Home during Coronavirus

I hate staying at home. I’m that type of guy who loves going places, staying out and meeting with friends.

Definitely I’m not very happy about this new reality of staying at home but I try to get used to it and make it profitable. In this article I prepared for you some things that I do and I suggest you do as well to kill boredom.

1. Learn new things and improve your skills through online courses;

2. Read more books;

3. Write some more and improve your writing skills;

4. Put your life, projects, ambitions in order. Spend some time alone with yourself;

5. Develop the habit of praying;

6. You can start questioning and finding answers to your spiritual concerns;

7. Start a YouTube channel or a new Blog;

8. Improve your cooking skills;

9. Appreciate the things you have and develop the habit of being grateful;

10. Spend quality time with the ones that live with you in the same house and spend some quality time through video-calls and normal calls with other people.

I believe this is a good time for finding ourselves in a simple and qualitative way. It’s the time to cherish people genuinely more than the material things, to be grateful, and to learn new skills and adopt new mindsets. If we choose wisdom, actually we will grow stronger than before.

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