Overcoming your own limits – Rejection proof

Recently I’ve read a book that helped me see rejection through a new and fresh perspective.

This book is called ‘Rejection Proof’ by Jia Jiang and for me it was one of those books that once you begin reading the first page, you cannot stop till you finish reading the entire book.

I don’t always read so fast, but this book I managed to read in less than 3 days. I liked it so much that it made me thirsty to know more and more. After I finished the book I felt sorry about this adventure that had just ended.

Jia Jiang is an incredible writer. He writes in a very fluent, easy, and entertaining way. Reading this book was such a pleasure.

Rejection Proof is about the author’s journey in fighting with rejection and overcoming it. He begins first by opening up about his career and about how he tried to please everybody in order to achieve success. Then he continues by mentioning that he was not happy about his life, even though he had a successful career and a beautiful life with his wife. This unhappiness made him question his calling and think about his unsatisfied desire to be an entrepreneur. He ended up giving up on his successful job as an employee and by trying to obtain success on his own.

His story resonated a lot with my own story. As him, I was too frustrated when I was an employee and I wanted to be free and to obtain success on my own terms. His journey looks a lot like mine. This is for instance one reason for which reading the book in just 3 days was so easy for me.

After quitting his job, Jia Jiang didn’t find success immediately. Actually everything went wrong at first. He was rejected and so was his business idea. He was not receiving any applause.

Even though this feeling of being rejected made him feel very bad about his situation, one day he found out that his biggest problem was exactly the feeling of being rejected. This feeling hurt him so much that he lost every bit of strength to pursue his dreams.

Then he realized that more than anything he needed to fight and conquer this bad feeling of being rejected.

The books then presents some very catchy and interesting principles about conquering the feeling of rejection inspired by the author’s fragments of his personal story.

It’s literally awesome.

Rejection can make us stop pursuing our dreams and passions. When eventual business partners, eventual clients, and people say NO and reject our business, services or products, this can have the potential to stop us and make us insecure.

Well, by reading and applying the principles in this book, personally I received a lot of courage in overcoming my own limits.

I definitely recommend this book.

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