Teahouses in Bucharest – Review of Infinitea Teahouse

1st of March was a truly special day. In Romania almost everyone believes that Spring comes on the 1st of March. I know that actually Spring arrives officially around the 20th of March because of the equinox of Spring, but in Romania people love to think in a more traditional-popular way.

1st of March is called in Romania the day of ‘Martisor’. This is a special day where we celebrate both Spring and women. Usually men offers as special gifts to women flowers and a white and red thread. I’m not sure about the symbolism regarding this white and red thread but I believe it is nice to celebrate Spring and women in this way.

Me and my friends decided to welcome Spring by going to a walk in Carol Park and then to spend the evening at a very fancy Teahouse called Infinitea.

It was my first time to Infinitea and I must admit that I really want to visit this place over and over again.

Infinitea is located in a very fancy district, the Cotroceni one. This district is the same where the President of Romania has its own palace. Small houses everywhere with a fancy and old architecture, narrow streets and good people. This is where you can find this pleasant Tea House.

The decorations inside Infinitea have a 1800s vibe. The chairs, sofas, tables, paintings, tapestry and everything wants to remind about the good old days of Romania’s capital where Bucharest was considered the little Paris of the east.

The tea is not expensive, it is actually very affordable and it has a divine rich taste.

The waiters were professional, friendly and available. No one was rude here.

Inside this teahouse everybody was speaking very softly and almost whispering. This can easily give you the feeling of being in an intimate location, something like a library, where you should focus on meaningful conversation and deep feelings.

I liked it a lot. I definitely recommend this place. Have you ever visited Infinitea? Let me know in the comment section below.

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