Does Bucharest have metro/subway?

Absolutely and it works quite good.

The metro of Bucharest is not very old. Most of it was built in the 1980s under the Ceausescu regime.
Unfortunately, the metro doesn’t have any stops at the International Henri Coanda Airport, but it has stops at the most important places in Bucharest. Personally, I use the metro for 90% of my transportation. I like it because it is fast, clean, and close to anywhere I use to go.

Metro tickets are separated from the bus tickets. They are not very expansive. 1 ticket is 2,5 lei (50 Eurocents) and it actually gives you 1 round-trip ticket. So you can use 1 ticket for 2 times. As a local, I always purchase the 10 tickets card because it is the most convenient in terms of price. 1 ticket with 10 trips is 20 lei (4,50 euros).
For visiting Bucharest I always recommend using the metro because it is fast, cheap and it goes to all the important places of Bucharest.

Generally speaking just for you to know, there are only 6 main stops where you can change the metro line: Piata Unirii, Dristor, Basarab, Eroilor, Nicolae Grigorescu and Piata Victoriei; and there are a total of 47 normal stops.

Bucharest metro service is not very large. It doesn’t compare in size to the one in London for instance. There are some neighborhoods of Bucharest that don’t have metro stops. For this reason, the government is working to enlarge out metro system. Currently, we are waiting for a full new line of metro to be activated in the Drumul Taberei neighborhood. They said that this year it will be fully activated.
Another metro line that is under construction is the one that connects Bucharest to the International Henri Coanda Airport. We don’t have any new updates about the year of its activation.

Anyways, as mentioned above, the Bucharest metro line is working well and it is one of the best options for public transportation.

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