Bucharest Attractions – 20 Bucket list Ideas

This guide is perfect for those who stay in Bucharest for more than 5 days. Here are the following top 20 attractions of Bucharest:

  1. The first stop is the center of Bucharest. There you’ll find the most iconic building in Romania: the huge Palace of Parliament. You can visit it both outdoors and indoors.
  2. After the Palace of Parliament, I suggest you walk by foot towards Piata Unirii and admire the renovated Fountains of Unirii. On some days the fountains perform a very nice water show. 
  3. From Piata Unirii you can proceed towards the Old Town. In the Old Town are a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. Here you’ll find a lot of tourists as everybody comes here to spend some time with friends.
  4. Macca-Villacrosse passage is a famous spot of the Old Town. Take your camera and prepare to see a very nice glass-covered passage.
  5. Stavropoleos Monastery is another important stop in Old Town. One of the oldest churches of Bucharest, displaying a Brancovan architectural style and being a tiny oasis of peace in the heart of Bucharest.
  6. The Museum of the National Bank of Romania. If you like museums, come and see this XX-th century museum and admire some old paintings and coins. 
  7. Muzeul Micul Paris. This museum called the Museum of the Little Paris, is all about Bucharest at its ancient splendor when the city looked like a small Paris of the East. 
  8. Hanul lui Manuc. This restaurant is one of the most iconic restaurants in Bucharest. It is old, traditional and full of beautiful history. You should definitely come and eat here someday. 
  9. Palatul CEC. If you had the chance to see some Instagram posts about Bucharest, you’ll notice that a lot of pictures represent this famous building. It’s a very beautiful and old palace and you cannot leave Bucharest without taking a picture here. 
  10. Leaving the Old Town you can proceed on Calea Victoriei towards Piata Victoriei on foot. Calea Victoriei was and is one of the richest boulevards of Bucharest. I definitely recommend walking this boulevard on foot. 
  11. At Piata Victoriei there is Palatul Victoriei, another important stop. At Palatul Victoriei there is the Romanian government site. Here politicians take important decisions, and here very often you’ll see people gathering to protest against the politicians. 
  12. Parcul Herastrau or Regele Mihai I, is the largest park of Bucharest. This is one of my favorite parks in Bucharest. Here you can come to ride the bike, rest in the grass, gaze at the lake’s waves and take a day off from the restless lifestyle of Bucharest.
  13. From Herastrau Park you can see the soviet towers of Casa Scanteii or Casa Presei Libere. Casa Scanteii is a really interesting piece of architecture. It was the official site of the communist newspaper “Scanteia” back in the past decades and its architecture was inspired by the Russian buildings of the last century. 
  14. Parcul Cismigiu. Another important park in Bucharest is Cismigiu Gardens. This park is full of monuments, gardens and beautiful flowers. I believe this is one of the most romantic places in Bucharest. 
  15. Palatul Kretzulescu. Right next to Cismigiu Gardens, there is this very cute palace that is actually pretty tiny but very interesting. To me, this place reminds me of Addams Family’s house. I mean it literally has that weird nice vibe. 
  16. “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum. This Museum is the most important museum in Bucharest. I say important because everybody recommends this museum and everybody visits this place. It is an open-air museum where you can see how Romanians lived in the past, their houses and their villages. 
  17. Arcul de Triumf. Bucharest has its own triumph arch! Yep, it looks a lot like Paris’s triumph arch. You should definitely take a picture here as well. 
  18. Ateneul Roman. Turning back on Calea Victoriei, you should not miss Ateneul Roman. This classy concert hall is very cute to be Instagrammable. 
  19. Kretzulescu Church is one of the most valuable orthodox churches of Bucharest, built in the 1700s in the Brancovenesc style, a very nice Romanian Renaissance architectural style. This church is close to Ateneul Roman, so you should visit it without worrying about the distance. 
  20. My last recommendation is Piata Universitatii. This square is full of tourist attractions. Here you’ll find Intercontinental Hotel, one of the highest buildings of Bucharest; Teatrul National, the national theatre of Bucharest; Universitatea, the second oldest modern university of Bucharest; Spitalul Coltea, the first hospital of Bucharest built in the 1700s. Yes, you should not miss this spot. 

Have you ever visited Bucharest? Which ones are your favorite places? Let me know in the comment section below.

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