Cost of living in the city of Bucharest – How it is to live in Bucharest?

Is it worth it to live in Bucharest? What is the cost of living in the city of Bucharest?

Now I will speak according to my own experience. I haven’t done any previous researches because I want to keep this blog post as genuine as possible.

I lived 12 years in Rome, and 3 years ago I came back to Bucharest.

Life in Bucharest is a little more cheaper than in Rome.

Taxis are way cheaper, public transportation is cheaper, and utilities are cheaper as well.

Rents are also cheaper, and the cost of an apartment is 3 times lower than in Rome.

Average Romanians have an income of something like 3000 lei per month, that is 650 euros. With this amount an average Romanian can live a decent but limited life here in Bucharest.

If you do some calculations, you’ll get the followings:

  • 1200 lei (260 euros) per rent/monthly;
  • 200 lei per utilities (40 euros);
  • 1500 lei per food (330 euros).

Now, 3000 lei is not enough to have a pleasant life. I mean people need to also travel, buy new clothing, and eat outdoor at restaurants. With 3000 lei you cannot have these things.

That’s why almost all Romanians when taking a house for rent, they don’t do it alone, but together with a friend. In this way the costs are divided by 2.

If you instead earn something more than 3000 lei or even 4000 lei (850 euros), life gets better and better.

Personally I believe that in Bucharest you can live a “normal” life with a minimum of 1000 euros (4800 lei).

The cost of the food is not very expansive, but moderate. The cost of the meals at the restaurants is again cheaper than in other capital cities of Europe. A good meal outdoors is something between 20 lei (4 euros) and 40 lei (8 euros).

Nomad travellers or digital nomads can find here a good place to put some money aside. The internet connection works super well, and it is not expansive at all. For my home wi-fi connection

I pay something like 5 euros per month – and I have unlimited and fast velocity of the internet. For my mobile phone I use Vodafone, I pay 10 euros and I have unlimited Internet gigabytes and super-fast connection. Life for the digital workers is pretty good here in Bucharest.

In conclusion, if you want to move to Bucharest in order to have a cost of life lower than the one that you are experiencing in your hometown then Bucharest is a good choice – but keep in mind that this advice is only for the people that come from the Western world. If you are living in a city that is already cheaper than Bucharest in that case I don’t suggest you move here.

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