Therme Bucuresti – The best spa in Bucharest?

If you are searching for a super clean, modern and all inclusive spa in Bucharest, then Therme Bucuresti is the best choice for you!

This place is just magical! It has both indoor and many outdoor swimming pools with bars in the water and outstanding jacuzzi. It has also a floor full of saunas and beds for messages, a fun waterpark for children and adults, and some restaurants with delicious and tasty food.

This place is good for you if you want to relax by yourself, or with your partner, or with family or friends. It’s a good match for anyone who is searching for a day outside the noisy and crowded Bucharest.

My first time at Therme Bucharest was last year (2019) in July. A friend of mine was celebrating his birthday and he decided to spend half of his day here. We hadn’t have a moment to stay and rest on the lounge chairs because we wanted to explore all corners of this spa.

We went first at the waterpark, we spent there 1-2 hours, and then we went to swim and relax in the pools area.

My sensation was that of a short vacation outside Bucharest where I could actually forget about any busyness and any worry and just be with the head in the clouds, resetting and restarting myself.

Around 2 pm we went to grab something to eat and once again I was pretty surprised about the good quality of the service and of the food. Therme Bucharest doesn’t feel very Romanian, it definitely feels Western and high-quality.

Regarding the prices, hmm, i don’t know about your budget but this place isn’t very cheap. The entrance cost is something between 20 and 40 euros, and the meals are something between 5 and 20 euros per person.

After this experience I had the chance to visit this place once again last summer (2019) and now I’m planning to spend some more days there as well.

I love feeling relaxed and i simply adore to have the chance to recharge my “internal” batteries. This place is a perfect fit for that.

What about you? Have you ever visited Therme Bucuresti? Let me know your experience down in the comments below. 🙂

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