Top 5 things to do in Bucharest for a short vacation – 2020 Update

As you might probably understood, I am from Romania, even though I lived 12 years in Italy.

I came back to Romania 3 years ago and now I live in its capital, Bucharest. I have a vast knowledge about Bucharest and the things to do in Romania’s capital city.

If you are sojourning for less than 3 days in Bucharest then I suggest you this short top-5 list:

1. The most important and iconic place of Bucharest is definitely the Palace of Parliament! It’s a huge building, one of the largest of the world in matter of political affairs. It is super easy reaching this structure thanks to its position in the exact center of Bucharest.

2. The second most important place is the Romanian Athenaeum, close to the Palace of Parliament, and dated from the XIXth century. Ateneul Roman is a classy concert hall and a landmark of Bucharest.

3. House of Ceausescu. This iconic place is located in the North of Bucharest and it was the official house of the last Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. It’s very nice to visit and to notice the kind of life this Romanian dictator lived, a totally opposite one from the vast majority of Romanians back in his days.

4. Caru’ cu Bere. This place isn’t a cultural or historical place. Caru’ cu Bere is a fancy and old restaurant with very very very delicious and good Romanian food. The restaurant has some awesome decorations of some centuries ago and a very Romanian vibe. You should definitely eat here for experiencing authentic and good Romanian food.

5. My last recommendation is Therme Bucureşti. Personally I go crazy about this place. Therme Bucureşti is one of the largest spa-pool places of Europe and a very new construction. Everything is very clean, well-organized, and very modern. This place is perfect for children because it has many water slides and it’s ideal for people of any age because it has many pools, saunas, and places to get immersed into a total sensation of rest.

These are my top 5 recommendations for Bucharest. If you have already visited my native city, I’d like to know your favorite places of Bucharest.

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