Walking on the Streets of Rome – Live a Different Life

by Lorin Braticevici

It’s like a careless dance, where fears are ignored, and joy becomes so real. It’s like jumping from a cliff, right into the deep warm waters. This is the kind of feeling I want to experience each day of my life.

Life is short, and it’s so easy to surrender to a predictable lifestyle. But where’s the fun in that? I genuinely believe that life should be a passionate and “exotic” journey.

We can be more that what we are, we can have more that we already have, and we can do more, that what we are currently doing.

I believe jobs should be a representation of our exciting hobbies, not a 9-5 routine. This fascinating world is ours to discover.

Rome is the symbol of life. Varied, exciting and tireless. Walking on the streets of Rome, will transform you into a wanderer. The architecture of its emblematic buildings, those evergreen tall trees, the Mediterranean breeze, and all those vivid colours make Rome a perfect exotic journey.

I lived in Rome for 12 years and I had this incredible chance to consider Rome as my homeland. Rome offers some stunning visual never-ending sensations. It’s like a rich museum en plain air.

Rome has the potential to wake-up your inner need to know and see more. Bring your soul to life on the perennial music of this eternal Italian city.

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