The Rhythm of Venice Shores – My passion for Waters

by Lorin Braticevici

Let the music give you angelic wings, let those sounds eliminate each negative thought. Peace of mind is crucial in order to experience a full and abundant life.

Likewise music, wondering on the shores of Venice, will transport you to the most warm and kind version of yourself. Those calm blue waves, their movement, their sounds. It’s like having an enchanting piece of Heaven.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am deeply in love with the sea, the waves, the beaches, the shores and everything related to water. I get such a satisfying emotion, such an overwhelming feeling every time I stay near this blue and sandy places.

One of the finest pleasures is for me to swim calmly in the water, while closing my eyes and feeling the water caresses my skin. I love to just lay in the water, imagining being surrounded by the big hug of God, and letting all the anxiety unstick from my soul.

Unfortunetely I couldn’t swim in the Venice’s sea, because of the winter weather. Brrr, it was so cold! Nevertheless, I found a lot of delight, just starring at the waves. Such a timeless moment. Minutes that felt so alive!

One of my biggest aims is life is to live on the shore, on some tropical island, and owning an entire portion of beach. I want to wake up, with my future kids and my lovely wife, watching the sea or the ocean, hearing the wind touching the palms, and walking on white-brown sand every morning.

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