Sunsets in Venice – Where Time Stops

by Lorin Braticevici

Imagine being surrounded by marvelous sea waves, the ones of Adriatic sea, those blue and cheerful irregular waves. And yet walking on earth, and yet being immersed into a fairytale Italian cityscape. This is Venice in a nutshell.

This full feeling that you are getting in this out-of-this-world island is something to go for.

Vintage atmosphere, classy Italian buildings, blue water everywhere. Awww, be sure to make Venice one of your absolute pinned trips.

I travelled to these ancient lands with my wife back in December of 2019. We’ve decided to see this city precisely in the middle of winter, and right before Christmas. This decision was a very good one and I’m having no regrets.

Christmas decorations and joyful atmosphere at every corner made everything sound and sweet. We sincerely recommend experience Venice right before Christmas.

This amazing Italian city is a dream come true. Memories that last forever, sunsets that will bring peace and serenity to minds.

Sunsets in Venice, seem cropped from some fantasy movies; they make vivid scenarios come to life. Here time stops, future becomes bright, and everything makes sense again.

You should surely take some time to come and see this playful island.

We enjoyed so much the tonality of the water, the colours of the sky and the serene vibe that was reigning in Venice. I truly believe that a trip like this one can make you find balance and peace of mind again.

As a photographer, I couldn’t stop myself from taking loads of idyllic pictures. Here, on Instagram, are some of them. Bring Venice vibe into your world and let anxiety go away.

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