Rome – My Heart Starting To Beat

by Lorin Braticevici

“Adventure awaits for you to answer. Its whispering calling makes the heart start beating. Let your control go. Answer to your heart’s saving call.”

I had these sayings in my spirit since I was I kid. Since then I knew I had the mission to bring the world to life through my visions. For all my life I had to say “no” to my dreams because I thought they were so childish and unreachable.

But in Rome my heart came back to life. In this picturesque city, I had an Eureka moment that made me quit my daily job and made me pursue my infantile ambitions.

In Rome I did as Romans do: I gave myself to the excellence of the unknown and to the finding of my destiny.

Rome’s historical buildings, its inspiring architecture, and its nature transformed me into a photographer. I felt this constant need of taking gorgeous pictures and looking for the hidden details of this Italian urban place. This new passion for photography brought me to want to be a travel guide. Guiding people into Rome’ soul, and through its secret paths was such a desirable bliss.

Rome has this power: it becomes your friend, makes your heart come to life and doesn’t let your childish dreams die. It is that kind of loyal friend that renders your countenance glowing and serene.

Rome ignates your most hidden emotions, those that you didn’t know about.

In this new decade become your most authentic self, while getting lost in the romance of this Italian fairytale story.

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