Landscapes – Lost in the Jazzy Wildness

by Lorin Braticevici

Find yourself and let those fears fade away. You are more than your past storms, you can do more that the world tells you can do.

Just grab that indie backpack put inside of it a new notebook and let the world’s lovely landscapes change you from within.

There’s so much for you to see. The soil is waiting for your dancing footprints. The skies are colouring themselves in pink and golden colours for you to come and take them pics.

Exotic wildness will set you free and will take you far away.

Close your eyes and let the magical landscapes take your hand in the moment you want for yourself. This is the time for you to feel the force of love, the freedom of adventure and the abundant life.

All the things that you need are being made real in the middle of the unexplored, raw and dreamy places of this world.

Lost in wonder, head in the clouds, there’s no turning back to your old negative self.

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