About Lorin Braticevici – The Relentless Explorer

Hey there!

I did it: 2 years ago I’ve abandoned my master’s degree in Geography in order to be an independent, curious, relentless and exploring freelancer.

I’m so in love with life, nature and the joy of exploring. I’ve always loved Geography and mainly because I crazily love to travel, to explore and to know new cultures, new people and new places.

Nevertheless, more than being a mere professor of Geography I felt the need of experience life in deeper way. I wanted to live on my own, producing my own sources of living, and doing everything in my own rhythm and timing. That’s why I gave up on my master’s degree and I’ve turned into a tireless and creative freelancer.

I want to experience life at its most dynamic and strong form. I want to be a modern Jules Verne, and a grandpa which will inspire his grandchildren.

If one day my grandchildren will say: “Look, this was my grandpa! He travelled all the world, wrote all these books, created all these things… We cherish his memory so much!” – then I’ll be a truly satisfied man.